Wonderlab – beauty and health industry. Company was founded in 2017 and consists of a young and dynamic team specialists. The studio is located in a modern business center Krasnodar, Russia. Range of services - manicure, pedicure and cosmetic services.

The main requirement for visual design was the creation interesting and recognizable brand. Understanding all modern trends in the beauty industry, we clearly understood how we want to see a branded style. We wanted to convey the philosophy of purity and bliss through graphic symbols so that the company's customers can experience the same emotions that we did when we worked on the project. Wonderlab - company providing quality services for connoisseurs of pleasant and useful rest.

Working on the style of the Wonderlab brand, we decided to stick to minimalist style to highlight the overall style and dynamics brand. We did not reinvent the wheel, but emphasized its strengths and useful qualities. Each element complements the previous ones, in together, creating a beautiful, understandable visual style, both for the client, and for the industry itself.